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We launched Sinclair Communications with the vision of being the best in the business. To do this, we handpicked a team of talented individuals with experience in branding, marketing, communications, public relations, journalism and digital media. We work as a team, bringing our combined experience to the table to apply a strategic approach to marketing and PR. We're a boutique agency, so the people you meet at pitch will be the people that work with you day-to-day.

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Kiri  Sinclair - Founder & Managing Director
Kiri Sinclair
Founder & Managing Director

Kiri founded Sinclair Communications in 2009, creating one of Hong Kong’s first fully-integrated PR agencies. With both in-house and agency leadership positions under her belt, Kiri took on the challenge of building a young and creative PR agency, curating a team of diverse PR and digital marketing talents dedicated to guiding brands through the new communications paradigm. Today, Sinclair Communications has grown to become one of Hong Kong’s most reputable boutique PR agencies with an ever-widening client base, offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai and a team of over 20. 

A force of nature, Kiri’s enthusiasm and passion are addictive. She listens attentively and gains a strong grasp of clients' needs, leveraging her lifetime of experience in Hong Kong to build relationships and craft unique, creative strategies. She is as invested in her clients’ businesses as she is her own, thus cultivating partnerships based on profound trust and mutual commitment.

Kiri has directed and implemented PR strategies across industry, from airlines, cruises, hotels & resorts, spas, tourism attractions and destinations, to jewellery, art, fashion, retail and ecommerce. She regularly offers her professional advice to a great number of local charities and causes, dedicating a percentage of Sinclair Communications’ work to “by Hong Kong for Hong Kong” projects that are geared towards making our city a better place.   

Kiri is a strong believer in nurturing the next generation, seeing herself as a mentor rather than a manager and regularly engaging international and local interns to cultivate Hong Kong’s future PRs. A champion of the changing nature of the PR profession in Asia, she is Deputy Chair of the Council of Public Relations Firms of Hong Kong and a steering committee member of Marketing Society Asia.

Born in Hong Kong, Kiri is an energetic advocate of the city and wholeheartedly believes in supporting her hometown and its unique community. With a New Zealand father and American mother, she considers herself a global citizen. Kiri has an MBA from the University of Hong Kong. 

Kevin  Lam - Director
Kevin Lam

Kevin has a knack for finding the story. A former journalist for leading newspapers, journals and glossies, he knows what makes the media tick. Kevin jumped ship to PR, working both in-house and agency roles. He is a conductor of team work and a great performer who delivers results. With a "no pain no gain" motto, he works hard and plays hard. A Hong Kong native, Kevin earned a degree in Sociology from CU. He is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

Sai  Roshini Daswani - Assistant Account Director
Sai Roshini Daswani
Assistant Account Director

Sai has a flair for making great ideas come to life. This go-getter attitude extends beyond her professional life. She loves the art and activity of dancing. She is also passionate about long runs, meeting new people, and discovering new things.

Personable and bubbly, Sai was on the marketing team at the exclusive private members' venue, KEE Club, before joining Sinclair Communications in 2012. Taiwan-born, Hong Kong-raised, Sai has a marketing degree from Lancaster University in England. She is fluent in English, Hindi and French as well as proficient in Cantonese and Mandarin.

Candice Leung - Assistant Account Director
Candice Leung
Assistant Account Director

Candice is a street savvy fashionista, with a nose for the latest and hottest trends. Her extensive PR background, working closely with local and international luxury, retail, fashion and beauty brands, gives her a sixth sense on how to make a good story angle work in the media. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Candice has a degree in European Studies from HKBU. Having spent a year in Southern Germany, she built up a passion in travelling and communicating with people from diverse backgrounds. She is fluent Cantonese, Mandarin, English and German.

Matthew Brady - Digital Director
Matthew Brady
Digital Director

Our Head of Digital, Matt Brady, has led digital campaigns for lifestyle brands across three continents, including managing communications throughout East Asia for the British Council’s arts division, advising consumer product companies on the use of Chinese social media, developing digital strategies for the Government of Malaysia, and managing tech websites for Microsoft. With 13 years of experience under his belt, Matt has enjoyed the challenge of planning and executing digital communications across a range of industry sectors, from art to fashion, tech to property. His degrees in Politics and International Relations have helped him understand the complexities and inner workings of each country and culture that he has resided and engaged with.  His impressive career has taken him to China, Malaysia, Iraqi Kurdistan and now Hong Kong, proving a thirst for real-world cultural insights and experiences (as well as for good coffee)!  

Rosanna Herries - Senior Account Manager
Rosanna Herries
Senior Account Manager

Rosanna is an expert in Art and Design PR: having graduated from Edinburgh University with an MA in History of Art, Rosanna garnered seven years’ experience working in the arts industry across three continents, and with a range of leading arts organisations. Having also specialised in cultural communications, she has made a significant contribution to Hong Kong's international profile as an Arts Hub, running strategy campaigns for major cultural projects. Career highlights include working on the first three editions of Art Basel in Hong Kong, the launch of the BMW Art Journey, and the creation of the first Absolut Art Bar in Hong Kong. Through her experiences she has developed a strong network of contacts in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, the UK and across Europe, which has been bolstered by her love of travel and work in London, Melbourne, Sydney and Hong Kong.

Holly Chan - Account Manager
Holly Chan
Account Manager

Holly may speak at low volume, but her voice is definitely heard. She is a skilled PR with over 4 years of agency experience across the travel and tourism, lifestyle, consumer goods, luxury and art and culture sectors. Her love of meeting new people means that her network is ever expanding, connecting her to the best publications and platforms. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Holly obtained her degree in communications at City University of Hong Kong. She speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

Daniella Lopez - Account Manager
Daniella Lopez
Account Manager

From a small US town, Daniella has found a second home in Asia where she has been based for the last five years. Having garnered a degree in Legal Studies and Political Science, Daniella went on to develop a career in Media and Public Relations across the luxury, travel, lifestyle and property sectors. A lover of challenges and cross-cultural experiences, she’s worked and volunteered in the US, Belgium, Colombia, Shanghai and most recently, Hong Kong, improving her Spanish and Mandarin along the way. When she’s not working, she maintains a jam-packed schedule filled with reading, running, taking food photos and, of course, travelling.

Janet  Chan - Account Manager
Janet Chan
Account Manager

Janet is a lover of words. As a features reporter for one of the largest Chinese media groups in Hong Kong, storytelling and creativity quickly became a passion. As a PR, she knows what the media need, how they think and how to work with them. A Hong Konger, Janet obtained a degree in Journalism and Communication from HKSYU, and has been building her extensive media network since university. She is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

Emma Williamson - Account Manager
Emma Williamson
Account Manager

A strong communicator of ideas and solutions, Emma has previous experience working in communications for multinational brands and global business development. Born in Hong Kong and raised in the UK, she has worked, studied and volunteered around the world, in countries including China, Nepal and Borneo. A love of vibrant and international cities brought her back to Hong Kong. Her passion for discovering new flavours and music means she is always on the look-out for restaurants, bars and events that offer fresh concepts. Emma completed her Master of Arts at Edinburgh University; she is fluent in English and Mandarin.

Adrian Lo - Assistant Account Manager
Adrian Lo
Assistant Account Manager

Adrian is a curious foodie who always brings his smile to the table. With a diverse background that ranges from public relations to lifestyle journalism and customer service, he is a communications chameleon. After three years as a features writer within one of Hong Kong’s largest media enterprises he then crossed the tracks to become a PR-pro, honing his skills across business, technology and his passion for F&B. A Hong Kong native, Adrian holds a degree in East and Southeast Asian Studies from City University of Hong Kong. He is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Ridley  Cheung - Senior Account Executive
Ridley Cheung
Senior Account Executive

Ridley's passion is art. She enjoys working with clients in the arts and culture sector, creating impactful and integrated strategy for auction houses, galleries and exhibitions. She aspires to continue her contribution to the development of arts and culture in Hong Kong. Ridley has a master’s degree in Cultural and Creative Industries from King’s College London and a bachelor's degree in Public Relations and Advertising from HKBU. A true believer in the power of relationship building, she has been developing her media network since graduating from the school of communications. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she is fluent in Cantonese, English and Mandarin.

Angela Ko - Digital Marketing Executive
Angela Ko
Digital Marketing Executive

Angela has a diverse background working with media, hospitability, tourism, F&B, beauty and mobile brands, and has developed strong social media and analytics skills. Curious and passionate about life, she enjoys the great outdoors, art, food and wine, and even makes short films in her spare time inspired by her backpack travels around the world. Angela is fluent in Cantonese, English and Mandarin, and has a degree in Tourism Management from the University of Surrey, UK.

Wing  Ng - Senior Account Executive
Wing Ng
Senior Account Executive

Born and bred in Hong Kong, Wing has a growing media network through her experience working with hospitality, tourism and F&B brands. A keen photographer, she has a wanderlust for discovering the world through her lens, whether it's spectacular scenery or beautiful restaurant dishes. Wing likes to relax by practising yoga - after she has finished boxing. She speaks basic Spanish and Korean in addition to fluent Cantonese, English and Mandarin, and has a degree in Media and Communications from City University of Hong Kong.

Eleanor  Porter - Account Manager, Shanghai
Eleanor Porter
Account Manager, Shanghai

Elly is a cultural communications and marketing specialist who is passionate about asking questions. She began her career in London before a cultural curiosity led her to Hong Kong, giving her a strong knowledge of the media landscape across Europe and Asia. Elly has previously worked with Art Basel in both Europe and Hong Kong, at the Venice Biennale, for London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts and for Hong Kong-based Galerie du Monde and Pearl Lam Galleries, as well as for whisky brand Royal Salute and BMW’s Art Journey initiative. An accomplished classical and jazz singer, violinist and pianist with a love of debating anything, big or small, Elly brings a creative approach to generating ideas and problem solving. As a Eurasian who feels strongly that her identity is both British and Chinese, she is aptly placed to understand the complexities and nuances of both cultures. Elly is a graduate of Nottingham University.

Kay Tsoi - Digital Marketing Manager
Kay Tsoi
Digital Marketing Manager

A Hong Konger, fashionista, global citizen, and marketer with expertise in social media and brand communications. Kay obtained her bachelor degree in fashion marketing at the Hong Kong Polytechnic and has previously worked in New York and Shanghai. With 3+ years in-house retail experience overseeing an international fashion brand’s Greater China market, Kay has delivered creative fashion projects from social media and branding campaigns to store marketing and events, and built a deep understanding towards the China market. She is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

Nik Addams - Assistant Creative Content Manager
Nik Addams
Assistant Creative Content Manager

A former digital editor at some of Hong Kong’s leading English language titles, Nik's passion for writing and storytelling has found a natural home at Sinclair Communications.

Finding his niche in food writing at the beginning of his career after graduating with a degree in Media & Communications and Political Science, Melbourne-born Nik is also passionate about travel, art and design.

He is fluent in English, French and Greek, and in his spare time can be found reading the latest political analyses of the day over a ¾ latte, or keeping up to date with the hottest new restaurant and bar openings around Hong Kong.

Snowy Tang - Account Executive
Snowy Tang
Account Executive

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Snowy has established a multi-cultural network with media and other significant stakeholders, particularly in the sports and lifestyle arenas.

With a naturally proactive and outgoing personality, she aims to apply what she has learnt from her broad experiences to any number of tasks. Her willingness to explore possibilities and take up challenges has seen her develop a range of hobbies, from rock climbing, surfing and scuba diving, to blogging, photography and travelling.

After graduating in the UK with a Communications degree, the PR and event industry was a natural career path for Snowy. As a fluent Cantonese, Mandarin and English speaker, she also isn’t afraid to speak up and step out of her comfort zone in any situation.

Jackie Dunn - Associate Director
Jackie Dunn
Associate Director

A highly qualified strategic and commercial communications professional with more than 17 years of integrated communications, marketing and brand management experience across a broad range of industries. Jackie has an extensive background in developing and launching new brands to market including competitive positioning strategy, consumer led marketing campaigns and driving development and implementation of new products to market.

A love of fashion, travel, yoga and food has taken Jackie across the globe and now to Hong Kong where she brings a wealth of international knowledge and experience. Her passion for health and wellness leads Jackie to always be across the latest in yoga, pilates and barre studios and where to find the best juice in town. Jackie has led, mentored and developed cross functional teams and holds a MBA in Strategy and Leadership from QUT Graduate School Of Business, in Australia.

Jackie has honed her skills in social and digital media and enjoys finding unique and innovative ways to bring people together and messages to market.

Nathan Li - Assistant Account Manager
Nathan Li
Assistant Account Manager

Nathan, a PR specialist based in Mainland China with a focus on luxury, hospitality, F&B and lifestyle sectors, has expertise in the media and KOL landscape. He graduated from Shanghai International Studies University with a degree in Germanic Languages and Literature. Fluent in Mandarin, Shanghainese and English, and with knowledge of German, Japanese and Cantonese, Nathan enjoys travel and experiencing different cultures.

Hannah Hodson - Account Executive
Hannah Hodson
Account Executive

Hannah is a Hong Kong native with an international outlook, having worked in India, England and Hong Kong. 

As a former editor at some of Hong Kong’s leading English language publications she has her finger on the pulse of the city and a knack for bringing stories to life. Hannah’s background is in the arts, fitness, fashion, education and travel and has covered everything from Art Basel to underwater spinning.

A graduate in International Relations, she is keen on keeping up to date on both local and international politics. In her spare time, you’ll find her running through the country parks or paddle boarding off one of the island’s beaches.

Vivian Tsang - Senior Account Executive
Vivian Tsang
Senior Account Executive

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Vivian has worked in a variety of fields from accounting and banking through to public services before eventually finding her passion in communication and marketing.

She loves challenging pursuits, such as skydiving from 15,000ft despite a fear of heights, and enjoys travelling the world, experiencing different cultures and tasting local dishes.

Vivian has a Master's degree in marketing and management from Monash University in Australia, and is fluent in Cantonese, English and Mandarin.

Jessica Man - Assistant Account Director
Jessica Man
Assistant Account Director

From brand positioning to communication planning and execution, Jessica built her integrated marketing experience by leveraging on her experience working at some of the largest international agencies. Her analytical skills and down-to-earth approach allow her to look at communications objectives from a distance, thus providing value-added counsel to clients.

With significant exposure to consumer brands, Jessica has led a number of PR campaigns for prestigious brands including Mandarin Oriental Hotels Group, FOX, Pernod Ricard, Toyota and Wheelock Properties.

Jessica has a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Hong Kong. She is fluent in English and Cantonese as well as proficient in Mandarin.

Rachel Zhou - Account Manager
Rachel Zhou
Account Manager

Rachel, a PR specialist based in Shanghai, Mainland China with a focus on Lifestyle,  F&B, Parental, Fashion and luxury sectors, has expertise in the media and KOL landscape. She has rich overseas working experience, both in London and NYC. She graduated from Southampton University with a master degree in Fashion Management. Fluent in Mandarin and English, and with knowledge of Spanish. Rachel enjoys experiencing the conflict of different cultures and has been to more than 18 countries. She loves travel and photography, she believes that Travel can leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.