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The cat. Where is she? What did she do? Did she tell you what she thinks? Do you know if the dog talked to her already? Was there a social post? Were there any comments on it? Did anyone mention her feet?

As the PR industry evolves into the new mobile and digital reality, the skill set of PR and communications professionals is being revisited. But the one thing that will never change is the need to be curious.

Knowing what to anticipate, and when, is crucial to long-term success in the PR game. It takes an inquisitive mind to be one step ahead of the client’s train of thought, the journalist’s questions or the stakeholder’s demands. Natural curiosity remains the key personality trait of a great PR professional.

Digging out information, asking questions, discovering insights, formulating new ideas and devising crafty solutions – sometimes at the drop of a hat – is what we do every day. And an inquisitive mindset is what drives us to keep on discovering, to keep on asking, and to keep on creating.

At Sinclair Communications, we love people who have travelled off the well-trod path, have learnt a new language “just because”, have done courses on Kazakh cuisine or Jordanian art because they just needed to know what it was all about. Avid readers, cultural mavericks, digital geeks – never be afraid to indulge your curiosity. You have a natural home for it in PR. 

As the year comes to an end, we take a look back in awe at how much fun can be had over just 12 months. Sinclair Comms has had an action packed 2016.

Over the year we have:

  • Inspired travellers with tourism campaigns, launches for hotels and airlines and reputation management for some of the best-known brands in the travel industry.
  • Encouraged loyalty and driven sales for local and international consumer brands across the fashion, beauty, FMCG and wellness sectors.
  • Built reputation for professional services, design, architecture and education companies.
  • Driven anticipation, excitement and attendance to large scale consumer events – an international art fair, a local art festival, Hong Kong’s Biennale, a restaurant festival and a multi-sport festival.
  • Embraced some of Asia’s top public and private exhibitions, further strengthening our art and culture PR credentials

Our community outreach – what we call “work for good” – has included pro-bono PR support for Ocean Recovery Alliance, Grate Art, Heep Hong Society, GIFT, and Papinee World. We also believe it is our responsibility to support the development of our profession locally, and our team members have taken an active leadership roles in the Council of PR Firms of Hong Kong and The Marketing Society Asia.

Over 2016, our team has grown to 25 PR professionals. Our Shanghai office opened in June in answer to our client’s requests to support them with our unique PR philosophy in the mainland market. 

The high quality of our work has been acknowledged as industry leading, with 16 awards and seven short-listings this year alone.  The Gold Standard Award from Public Affairs Asia for Consultancy of the Year was the cherry on the top. As a Hong Kong born independent agency that has grown organically over the last seven years, these achievements mean so much to us. 

Looking towards to 2017 we expect to see a focus on experiential PR, digital-led campaigns, video driven content and a more strategic approach to social media. 

But we know that at the end of the day, PR is all about relationships, and we value our relationship with you. Thank you for supporting us over the last year. We look forward developing our relationship further in 2017 and beyond.

From our family to your, may we wish you health, wealth and lots of laughs in the year to come.