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It’s become increasingly common for companies to hire a standalone digital agency to enhance their online presence. Companies allocating budget for promotion through digital channels are usually tasking digital agencies with one or all of the following:

  • An advertising-focus: including SEM, EDMs, media buy, social media advertising and a display network.
  • A service-focus: including services such as social media management and SEO
  • A product-focus: including the development of assets such as a mobile apps, mini-sites and social fan pages.

Digital agencies are being engaged to develop branding, introduce products, generate leads and bring in revenue through online channels. Essentially, digital agencies are providing online PR.

PR is about storytelling - telling your product’s story in simple and remarkable way. It’s about building reputation, influence and appeal in a crowded marketplace.

The core value of PR is exactly same as the core value of digital marketing. Digital is just another channel. Therefore, the best digital partner is a PR agency. A fully integrated PR agency will not only we execute digital projects smoothly, but also:

  • Curate your content and advertising materials and plan your target audiences strategically
  • Maximize your engagement with fans through creative ideas, blogging and media networks
  • Expand your online presence through a deep understanding of your audience demographic and media interest in your brand
  • Tell the story of your product, leveraging thematic topics to generate media coverage.

Partnering with a good PR agency that is fully integrates will not only kill two birds with one stone but maximize your budget and your results!