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Since I started working on the Bibo project, I have been fascinated with the world of Street Art. My absolute favourite right now is JR.  I’ve been following his work over the last couple of months and it is amazing to see what he has achieved and how involved he is with different communities, and of course the message he tries to bring forward with each piece of work.

I was watching a couple videos about him and stumbled upon his TED Talk. You can watch it here. Through this I learnt about his numerous projects and what he wanted to achieve from them all - basically making a change in the world through art.

With each piece of paper and glue, he creates art that with a strong message, whether it be empowering women, seeing the true beauty of a person from inside out, or simply letting people tell their incredible personal stories. His projects are on a world scale, across continents, countries, city centres and even the slums. You can read more about them all on his website: His work is simply beautiful and inspiring; it definitely catches your eye.

Women Are Heroes project

His recent installation at the David H. Koch Theater in New York uses two of my hobbies, dancing and photography – glued to the floor of the theatre. It isn’t a surprised that I was blown away by this particular project. It allows everyone to look at two art forms in a way they would have never imagined before. To top things off, the social media buzz built around it just shows how care-free and imaginative everyone can be, and also how the piece truly connected fans to ballet.

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Bringing things to a new level, true JR style, he choreographed a ballet performance based on his experiences during the 2005 riots in the Parisian suburbs, where he had illegally pasted photographs of young people from the neighbourhood on the streets of the housing projects where they lived. This was in collaboration with Woodkid’s music. You can watch it here.

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