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Last year I attended a meditation camp for the first time, and it opened my eyes to the concept of “Mindfulness”. Since then I have been incorporating meditation practice and mindfulness into my daily living.

It was interesting for me to see that the concept of mindfulness is gaining international awareness, and how people are now considering its application to not only daily life, but also work and relationship. Even mainstream media have picked up on the idea, including a recent cover story I enjoyed in TIME Magazine, "The Mindful Revolution".

Independent of religion and ethnicity, I truly believe that practicing mindfulness can be beneficial for everyone.

So what is mindfulness? Basically, to me, it is to be fully aware of what you are doing, and give your total focus to it. In contrary to the multi-tasking skills that we are proud of, being mindful suggests that we should do only one thing at a time.

I really appreciate that mindfulness can be applied to anything, at anytime. I first practiced mindfulness as in form of meditation, a way to relax and relieve stress. Yet, I am learning that you can apply it when you are walking down the street, eating a burger, reading a book, and while at work.

I feel being mindful at work reduces mistakes and increases efficiency. By listening attentively in meetings, we improve communications, by concentrating on a thinking process, it helps to solve problems more efficiently. It would also help to improve relationships with colleagues and clients since you can better understand their thoughts and needs.

If you are interested to learn more about mindfulness, follow the respected Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh on his Facebook page.