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Most Hongkongers love eating. Whether it’s a weekday or a weekend, crowds of people from all walks of life can be seen lining up outside the city’s most popular restaurants patiently waiting for a seat.

This is especially so when a restaurant is new. Hongkongers are known to queue for hours to be the first to try a new restaurant or eatery. Last year, a renowned 24-hour ramen shop opened in Hong Kong and foodies waited up to three hours for a bowl of ramen! Recently we’ve seen the same reaction to the launch of some new restaurants led by celebrity chefs - even when the chef’s not in the house!

A restaurant experience is about more than just enjoying good food and drinks. It can be a door to learning more about different countries and cultures.

Aberdeen Street Social, one of our clients, is a popular dining destination. However the restaurant has taught me about more than its excellent food and drinks – it’s taught me about Britain and the British food philosophy.

Upstairs in Aberdeen Street Social the menu features traditional British food prepared through a creative ‘mix and match’ of ingredients and modern cooking techniques. I learnt that that Aberdeen Street Social’s Chef embraces a ‘nose to tail’ approach to his food. True to British food culture, he has built a menu which allows him to make good use of different (and entire) parts of an animal.

Downstairs at Aberdeen St Social, the cocktail bar & café provides wide range of cocktail and wine selections. One of the popular cocktails – the “Bollywood Remake” reflects the fact that India was formerly a British colony, which is why British food culture includes some Indian elements.

Everything has an intrinsic value, including food. If we can enjoy food while simultaneously learning about the culture behind it, food will become even more valuable and meaningful. Next time you visit a restaurant, you should take the opportunity to learn the story behind what you are eating.


Delicious food not only brings enjoyment, but can be viewed as a key to gain knowledge.